Dr Fred Zelinger
Dr. Zelinger's Office

Welcome to Dr. Zelinger's office. After 14 years in other offices, Drs. Zelinger moved their offices from Hewlett to Cedarhurst, New York in March 2009 to accommodate an expanding practice. When Super Storm Sandy destroyed the structure in 2012, the office was rebuilt and newly refurnished once again in 2013. These pictures give you and your family familiarity with Dr. Zelinger's office before coming here.

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Dr. Fred's Office - Cedarhurst, New York
Dr. Fred's Office
Dr. Zelingers' Office
Comfortable Outdoor
Waiting Area
Dr. Zelinger's Office
Another view of the Outdoor Waiting Area
Dr. Zelinger's Office
An attractive
waiting room

This office suite is comfortable and accessible. It features:

  • ample street parking, directly in front of the entrance
  • security features for safety, including during evening hours
  • a well lit outdoor waiting area
  • an indoor waiting room
  • an attractive and comfortable therapy room - unlike a clinical setting
  • a ramp instead of stairs to the office, providing accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers
  • state of the art videotaping capabilities available for teaching purposes
  • parental viewing of a child's session when appropriate (closed-circuit facilities are within Dr. Laurie Zelinger's playroom, as well as in Dr. Fred Zelinger's adjoining office)
  • year round comfort from new heating and air conditioning system
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